Quality: G5 LED Hack

Hack a Day and Make collect various random, often hardware oriented, hacks from the world over. Very cool stuff.

Every now and then, a particular hack really stands out. The kind of thing that [almost] inspires me to actually clean the damned garage and set up my hackbench. In this case, it is the G5 Clock hack.


For the quality of it. First, he/she/they used an off the shelf clock and then etched a custom circuit board to hold the LEDs in the exact spacing necessary to mount in the front panel of the G5.

When I first saw the hack, I fully expected to see a big mass o’ nasty wires behind the very clean front panel of the G5. Nope. One custom circuit board later, and he/she/they achieved one very clean hack.

Nice! It also reminded me that I need to dig out my board etching stuff. Well, replace it, more likely given that the chemicals are probably pretty funky after about a decade of improper storage.

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