Wild animals stink!

Elephant Seals

Roger and I road tripped over to Bean Hollow State Beach for a bit today. I clearly do not understand the tides. We were there pretty close to high tide, yet the water level was considerably lower than it was the last time we were there at low tide. I need to figure that one out.

We then happened upon Año Nuevo State Reserve and decided to check out the elephant seals. It is molting season and quite the group of juvenile seals were hanging out on the beach generally making a big ruckus. The park has a nice set of paths that lead to observation decks. On hand were knowledgeable staff to answer any questions.

It was really cool. And surprising. In particular, I have yet to see an Animal Planet or Discovery Channel special discuss exactly how bad large groups of animals smell. Wow! Smelled like a salty pig farm.

But, stench aside, it is a beautiful area. Roger found about a dozen ladybugs and a couple of wooly worms on the 1.6 mile hike to the observation area. The only danger is mounds of poison oak along parts of the path. The leaves, though, turn beautiful oranges and reds in the fall/winter.

I tagged the Año Nuevo State Reserve and the Bean Hollow State Beach photos for easy perusal.

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    […] But, alas, if you are going to visit nature, you gotta deal with the stench. […]

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