PyObjC 1.3.7 Released

PyObjC 1.3.7 has been released.

It includes:

  • Initial port to Mac OS X for Intel
  • Xcode 2.1 compatibility
  • Support for SenTestingKit and SecurityFoundation frameworks
  • Complete wrappers for DiscRecording framework
  • … a handful of other bug fixes …

Full details can be found in the NEWS file.

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4 Responses to “PyObjC 1.3.7 Released”

  1. Bo says:

    Sadly, the package for Python 2.4.1 on 10.4 doesn’t work. It wants to install several of the packages to /Volumes/Data/ instead of the root directory. Haven’t looked at any of the others.

  2. Ronald Oussoren says:

    The other packages should work just fine. I’ve removed the download for Python 2.4 on OSX 10.4.

    I had forgotten that I’ve moved my Python 2.4 framework because I ran out of disk space when installing iLive (for iPhoto) just before leaving for WWDC’05. 🙁

  3. Bo says:

    After looking at the package structure a bit, I made it work with the following script:
    import os

    for root, dirs, files in os.walk('/Users/boaz/Downloads/pyobjc-1.3.7-py2.4-macosx10.4.mpkg/'):
    for filename in files:
    if filename == 'Info.plist':
    fullname = os.path.join(root, filename)
    theFile = open(fullname)
    theContents =
    changedContents = theContents.replace("/Volumes/Data/", "/")
    theFile = open(fullname, 'w')

    Pretty sure that voids the warranty, but it worked for me.

  4. Bo says:

    Ok, that didn’t work quite right. Ah well, let’s just pretend that’s all properly indented.

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