Job Openings on the Xcode Team

We have a bunch of open positions within the Xcode team. If you or anyone you know is interested, has the skills, and wants to work at a truly awesome company (seriously — working at Apple is a blast), please send a resume/CV my way and apply for the job through the official channels which can be found by clicking the links below.

The list with very brief descriptions. Click through for more information.

2373705: Senior Embedded Systems Engineer Help to improve support for iPod development within the Xcode tool-chain.

2374115: Performance Analysis Tools Engineer Improve the integration and capabilities of the performance analysis tools included with Xcode.

2374098: Embedded Systems Performance Engineer Embedded systems (iPod) focused improvements to the performance analysis tools included with Xcode.

2375392: Distributed Build Engineer Help to improve the distributed build feature within Xcode.

2374092: Build Systems Engineer Focused on improving the build system within Xcode. This is not about building Xcode itself, but about refining the code that is run when a developer hits the Build button while running Xcode.

2371488: Xcode Engineer — Xcode UI The Xcode team is seeking an experienced engineer with excellent end user application human interface design skills to conceive, design and develop future enhancements to Xcode and its supporting tools.

The following isn’t with the Xcode team, but may be of interest to folks interest in contributing to development tools.

2371718: Interface Builder Engineer Help to improve and extend Interface Builder.

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5 Responses to “Job Openings on the Xcode Team”

  1. code: theWebSocket; » bbum: Job Openings on the Xcode team says:

    […] Bill says there are job openings on the Xcode team at Apple, and that “working at Apple is a blast.” […]

  2. Susie says:

    I know someone good who’s looking, but he needs to stay in Miami. Any reason he should apply? You may know him from CMU. Email me and I’ll tell you who it is.

  3. Darth Sidious says:

    Stupid question: these positions are only available to U.S citizens?

  4. Jussi says:

    Darth, AFAIK US citizenship is not required. But I’m not completely sure if Siths are given visas and work permits to USA 🙂

  5. Darth Sidious says:

    As I’ve learnt this mind trick from my old master: “This is not the illegal immigrant you’re looking for…”, this might not be a problem.

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