Apple creates Syndication-dev mailing list

Apple has created a Syndictation-dev mailing list specifically for developers and content creators to discuss use of syndication technologies in conjunction with Apple’s technologies.

Ernie Prabhakar sent the following invitation to the community. Click the link after this excerpt to read the full invitation.

Syndication formats (e.g., RSS, RSS 2.0, Atom) provide a powerful, XML-based way to publish blogs, podcasts, and website summaries that can be read by Safari, iTunes, and many other products. This forum enables developers and content creators interested in using those technologies in conjunction with Apple’s platform or products to interact with each other and Apple engineers.

In particular, syndication-dev is the definitive place for developer discussions of the following tools and technologies:

* Safari RSS:

* iTunes Podcast feeds:

* GarageBand Podcast recording:

* Apple Chapter Tool:

This includes third-party products and services that might want to interoperate with the above. [Note that user-oriented discussions of podcasting should continue to take place on the usual support forums, i.e.: ]

In addition, we ask your cooperation in keeping this list focused on currently-shipping Apple products or formats. For questions about future directions and/or standards that may be in this space, please contact me directly using .

Since this is an emerging technology area, we realize there are numerous open questions and opportunities for improved documentation. We appreciate your assistance in identifying those, as well as your patience and cooperation as we work to move forward together.

Ernie Prabhakar

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