Open Source projects using Xcode?

I’m looking for large open source projects that include an Xcode project. I have identified quite a few, but am looking for more. In particular, projects that have lots of source files and/or make heavy use of C++.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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10 Responses to “Open Source projects using Xcode?”

  1. Bob Ippolito says:

    SDL has lots of source files but no C++, Celestia has both lots of files and C++

  2. Yum says:

    The SOPE frameworks got just recently upgraded to Xcode 2.1 projects and probably qualifies as medium-size:

    $ find . -name “*.[hm]” | wc -l

    It doesn’t contain any C++ though …

  3. Michael McCracken says:

    Depending on what qualifies as large – BibDesk has a small number of files but uses large 3rd party frameworks (Omni frameworks) and other libraries as part of our XCode project.

  4. Nat says:

    Pantomime has a few dozen classes, but no C++. It seems like a lot of files when you’re trying to figure out how it works.

  5. Mark Rowe says:

    Fire uses Xcode for it’s build system, and the project has roughly 750 files totalling 200,000+ lines of code. About 20% of that is C++ code, with the remainder being comprised of Objective-C and plain C.

  6. Mark Rowe says:

    I guess you’ve probably got WebKit on the list already — it’s comprised of three main project files with 1300 source code files totalling 355000 lines of code. The majority is C++, with the rest being Objective-C++.

  7. calumr says:

    Camino & the open-source versions of Quake & Quake 2:

  8. Bjoern Knafla says:

    OpenSteer, a library with a demonstration program for so called steering behaviors that control the individual movement of agents in crowds, flocks, groups for games is a multiplatform project and uses Xcode 1.5 and Xcode 2.1 (in parallel) for Mac OS X. It is completely written in C++ and contains approx. 70-80 files (source and header files).

  9. Lally Singh says:

    The Torque Game Engine comes with an XCode project for Mac builds. ~224kloc, all C++.

    Not pure open source, there’s a $100 fee for using it. Mostly to cover the website & lawyers, as I understand.

  10. Donovan Preston says: has an XCode project and quite a bit of advanced C++.

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