Blue & White Morning Glory

Living in California is like living in a botanical garden. Everywhere you look, there are flowers, gardens, exotic trees, and odd plants. The micro climates are such that even a short hike of 3.0 miles in Castle Rock State Park will take the adventurer through several different zones of plants; dessert, damp forest, dry fields, and dry forest.

Purple Morning Glory

Figs, pomegranates, some citrus, and calla lillies are all among species that largely grow as weeds in the San Jose area. Pictured at left is a morning glory that my son and I planted. It has quickly shot up to 8+ feet tall and is covered with white and blue&white blossoms. On the right, is the more common purple morning glory that effectively grows as a weed everywhere. Spectacular bloom. I do believe I will never buy seeds again, preferring to simply collect seeds from the purple morning glories in the neighborhood.

Butternut Squash

Gardening in the area is extremely rewarding. The only challenge is choosing the variety of plants based upon how heavily you wish to irrigate. On the left is a single squash plant. A friend gave me a couple of seedlings that have since taken over about 1/3rd of our community garden plot. Given the intense sun, the cool and moist evenings, and a bit of water, you can easily see significant new growth on a daily basis.

When I have a moment, I’ll throw together an extended page with a tour of the flowers and plants of the neighborhood. Hopefully, at least one other person will find it interesting.

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