Contrast; Skeletons & Flowers

Skull and Sea Urchin
Morning Glory


On the right is a purple morning glory that popped up in our backyard. An oddity. It is the second purple morning glory to appear in a huge clump of white and blue/white morning glories that Roger and I planted. So bright. Simply bursting with life. Hairy, even. Yet, the beauty of life is ephemeral. By tomorrow morning, that bloom will be a shriveled brown husk. Then it will produce seeds that we will plant to preserve the temporary beauty again next season.

On the left is the skull of some small animal balanced on a sea urchin. Maybe a raccoon. Roger found it while we were hiking in Missouri. The urchin comes from the pacific coast and is another of Roger’s treasures. The skeletons of two creatures from very different worlds. A reflection on death. Even in death, still graceful and beautiful. Yet, static.

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