The Bug Whisperer

Bug Whisperer

Roger, my 5 year old son, has the innate ability to “tame” bugs. He is a “bug whisperer”, if you will. It is truly remarkable to watch. He will walk slowly up to a fly on the window or a butterfly on a flower and simply pick it up. As shown in the picture (there are two butterflies or moths — I’m not sure which), the creatures will frequently hang out on Roger for quite a while, content to crawl around at whim.

I have even watched him pick up a wasp so that he could show me the stinger. Before anyone asks, Roger has been stung before so knows quite well about the risks of “wasp whispering”.

Orange Lantana

He is always very gentle with bugs and injuries only occur through accidents. Well, almost. If a bug is identified as a bad bug — something that eats our flowers or house — it gets a thorough smashing shortly after close inspection.

I have started to make planting decisions based on the species of bugs or, more specifically, butterflies visit said flowers. As an example, I recently planted the Orange Lantana pictured at the right as it attracts a number of Roger’s favorite butterflies as well as hummingbirds. It should also grow into a spectacular bush about 3 feet high that is completely covered in orange blossoms.

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  1. g.coones says:

    Hello………. I’ve just seen what u had in here about your son being a “Bug Whisperer”. I was surprised and delighted to read what he can do. You see, my wife named me the same thing a few years ago. The reason she did is that i can do the same thing with spiders, moths, lady bugs and a cpl of other unidentified regular ones. Just put my hand down tell them to jump on they are going outside and they just climb right in my hand and out they go. Mostly for me it started because i just don’t kill things because i can.

    I always catch all of them and put them outside. My wife and i laughed at the comment u made about a thorough smashing for some of them. After people learn why i was named that i usually say don’t get me wrong if that spider’s big and looks at me the wrong way i grab a hammer.

    The reason i ran into your story on what your son can do is that i play poker online. I just ran into a player i haven’t seen for a long time and she told me she looked up Bug Whisperer. I’ve played under the name of Bug Whisperer for a cpl years or more now on Ultimate Bet for real money.

    Anyway’s i thought i’d drop a short note because i’ve never heard of someone that can do what i can do with certain bugs. My belief is that if you want as close an look into a person’s soul as you might ever get you can look at the trust that is given from these bugs to your son. He’s a bright light in the world.

    Take Care


  2. bbum says:

    Cool story. Thank you for sharing (and best of luck at poker!)

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