Azureus Dashboard Widget

Azureus Dashboard Widget

I recently discovered the Azureus Dashboard widget. Incredibly useful.

With it installed, I can easily add/remove/monitor BitTorrent downloads that are running in the Azureus BT client on my machine at home.

Not only that, but the dashboard widget’s user interface is far, far more pleasant than the Azureus client, itself.

Excellent stuff. In terms of usage, this is now my favorite widget. It provides a succinct indication of the current state of the Azureus client while layering on administrative tools without cluttering the UI terribly. About the only “oddity” to remember is that you have to drag a .torrent file onto the frog to have Azureus start downloading.

There are a handful of bugs/tweaks/cleanups that need to be addressed, but it is one hell of a useful and high quality initial release. Kudos to Andrew for nailing that one.

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4 Responses to “Azureus Dashboard Widget”

  1. michael says:

    As a test I have dragged and dropped 12 torrent files on to the widget. So far 15 minutes have passed and nothing seems to be updated.

  2. michael says:

    Sorry, things have not changed but I wanted to mention how really great this little widget is. There is something called constructive criticism and I thought I would leave some of it too! I do like this widget. Perhaps if the widget doesn’t update from the drag and drop I will do it manually – it’s a mild nuisance. Hopefully it will get fixed or it could be that the performance is just slow on this initial release.

  3. bbum says:

    You have to drop the torrents one at a time. Also, the error feedback is terrible. There effectively isn’t any, it’ll just spin on “add torrent”. I reported bugs to the author. Hopefully, he’ll tune it. When it works, it is awesome.

  4. Andrew Dupont says:

    Thanks for the kinds words. I just finished a bugfix release of the widget. It doesn’t address the error-handling issues, but I promise I’ll get to that in the next release. I might also make the entire widget the dropzone for new torrents, since others have noted that the frog is an (admittedly) arbitrary dropzone.

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