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Apple released BackUp 3.0 yesterday.

I have been testing BackUp 3 for a while and it has saved my ass twice now. So far, it has worked flawlessly both for making backups to hard drive and burning DVDs. I backup my FileVault’d home account to an encrypted sparse disk image once a week and also back up the same to DVDs.

I have also backed up my music collection — all 90GB — to DVD. That took a while. I would suggest a fast DVD burner.

Now, of course, a BackUp only matters if you can successfully restore from the backup set! Unfortunately, I have had to test that particular feature a couple of times. Fortunately, it worked flawlessly. Once was because of filesystem corruption and the other was because of an errant “rm -rf”.

Bottom line: BackUp 3.0 is just plain awesome. Sure, there are some improvements that could be made, but nothing catastrophically broken within my workflow (I don’t like that you have to have enough free space on your boot volume to create a disk image for the purposes of burning).

If I didn’t already have a .mac account, I would pay for a .mac account in a heartbeat just for BackUp.

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  2. Jim says:

    Backup is simple, but well executed and meets most of my needs for simple reliable backup. But every-time I sit down at my machine in the morning it pages like crazy. Backup chews through enormous amounts of memory (this machine has 1.5GB) while working. How big is your home directory? At 500k+ files, Backup clearly has scaling issues…

  3. bbum says:

    My backup set hovers at around 40 or 40 gigabytes. I find that Backup also consumes a lot of memory and the system pages a lot right after the backup. Given what it is doing, it would seem to be a pathological case for the virtual memory and I/O subsystems. Both are optimized around relatively frequent access to a small set of files and BackUp is doing the exact opposite. Typically, BackUp is the only app that is active (I generally back things up when I go to lunch or overnight), so the system has even more reason to think that BackUp should be able to grab all resources.

    Certainly, the implementation could be optimized around not triggering the pageout of everything else. File a bug, please. Grab some metrics, if you can. A log of vm_stat during the backup and immediately after or the like.

  4. Jim says:

    Thanks Bill. I did file a bug when I first encountered the issue, but didn’t include any metrics. I will try to do that soon, and append the information to the bug.

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