Brain Surgery

This guy photoblogged his own open brain surgery (consider that a warning for the faint of heart). He had a tumor on the surface of his brain that required full-on open brain surgery to repair.

Very cool in two ways; the surgery was successful and, well, it is open brain surgery.

In high school, I spent the day with a friend’s father for career day (I had spent a number of days with my own father at his workplace and we agreed that I should take the opportunity to branch out). He was one of the top brain surgeons and researchers in the country.

While “on the job”, I suited up and spent the afternoon in an operating room while a patient had a tumor removed from the middle of his head. The photo series linked above was of a relatively non-invasive surgery. What I witnessed involved effectively tearing a hole through the brain tissue into the center of the skull to remove a golf ball sized tumor.

While inside the head, the doctor’s used a set of electrodes to manually stimulate different muscle groups. This was both to verify various theories of neurophysiology and to verify that the patient’s brain still worked as expected.

It was an incredible experience. Almost incredible enough to make me pursue a medical career, but not quite enough to desire dealing with the incredible legal morass of stupidity that our “modern” health care system has degenerated into.

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  1. Craig Turner says:

    Bill, you might be interested in this video of an Appendicectomy.

    It uses keyhole surgery I think (it’s not an open cut). I was surprised to see it was necessary to do so much digging around to find the right bit (although it makes sense when you think about it).

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