SF Restaurant: Tres Agaves

Tres Agaves opened this week and I rounded up 14 fellow Tequila Aficionados to enjoy an evening in the new restaurant.

It is located right at around the corner from SBC park at Townsend and 2nd (130 Townsend, to be specific).

The interior is quite beautifully designed/decorated and the food was absolutely spectacular. We ordered one of every appetizer and a large selection of dishes from the menu.

The fresh made guacamole, the slow roasted carnitas (pork), and the bread pudding with caramel ice cream were particularly delicious.

Like Tommy’s, Tres Agaves has an amazing tequila selection, makes awesome margaritas and, unlike every other restaurant in the area, the tequila and margaritas are fairly priced.

Tres Agaves can host parties and private functions quite nicely, too. If you are planning on a dinner at Mac World or WWDC, it is fairly close to Moscone and would be perfect for a corporate event.

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2 Responses to “SF Restaurant: Tres Agaves”

  1. Buzz Andersen says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Bill! I went there last night, and it rocked. I agree that it would be great for a WWDC event, so I’m going to try to snag it for the WWDC Weblogger Dinner this year.

  2. James Duncan Davidson says:

    Oh ya. Perfect for the WWDC Weblogger dinner. I so can’t wait.

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