Unit Testing and Code Coverage in Xcode

Chris Hanson and I both intended to write something like this someday. Now we don’t have to.

Go read this article about unit testing and code coverage. Specifically, Chris gives detailed instructions on how to integrate gcov based code coverage into Xcode while also leveraging Xcode’s support for unit testing.

Excellent article. Thanks for writing it, Chris. I hope you don’t mind if I file a couple of bugs against Xcode to remind us to integrate something like what you have done sometime in the future.

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One Response to “Unit Testing and Code Coverage in Xcode”

  1. Chris Liscio says:

    If it’s as clean as the current unit testing integration, go for it! In fact, while you’re at it, get the Shark team to lend their UI to someone to wrap around the gcov output. Lines that are hit can show up with various states of colour, to indicate how “hot” the line is, and lines not hit at all can be shown in some sort of evil colour.

    But, yeah, just getting it into Xcode be a good start. 😉

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