Cory Redux (or Why I’m Giving $$$ to EFF)

Cory Doctorow had another post about DRM, iTunes and — as is all the rage in the weblog community (funny, have yet to see it in the mainstream press) — the recent Sony rootkit debacle.

But, as some might be surprised, I’m not going to pick apart what I find to be a rather inane, incorrect and misdirected post.

Nope. Actually. I’m here to explain why I’m ponying up some dough to the Electronic Frontier Foundation [EFF] after having previously stated that I would not do so because of Cory’s position on DRM, etc.

A little bit ago, I tore into Cory about a post he made to Boing Boing and specifically stated that I could not in good conscious give money to an organization that has such an outspoken representative with whom which I not only disagree, but feel that there are some serious factual errors in their line of thinking.

Cory was kind enough to respond intelligently and patiently to said post and we exchanged a number of emails over the following days.

I asked Cory quite poignantly where the line between “EFF” and “Cory; EFF Spokesman” was drawn. That is, when Cory drops a “DRM Is Ultra Evil” bomb on BoingBoing, exactly who is he speaking for? Is it an EFF statement or a personal statement? I’m certainly not the only person asking this question.

Cory’s response:

As to EFF v Boing Boing. If I speak at a conference on behalf of EFF, or submit a paper on behalf of EFF, or post to one of EFF’s blogs, or send email from my address, I am speaking on behalf of EFF. Everything else I post, write and say is in my own person

Excellent. Given that very precise response (which, yes, Cory gave me permission to post), I have no problem supporting the EFF and berating a handful of posts to Boing Boing.

Given the bullshit that is going on these days, figuring out that I can support EFF without being a hypocritical bastard brings me a little bit of comfort.

I don’t agree with all of EFF’s positions, but I would be disturbed if that were not the case. Funding an organization to represent your personal views to affect the greater good should involve some conflict– some deep thought and analysis– unless you have surrendered yourself entirely to your inner sheep.

In closing: Cory — thanks — I may not agree with you personally, but I recognize the strength of your convictions and the value of questioning the status quo.

Keep it up.

2 Responses to “Cory Redux (or Why I’m Giving $$$ to EFF)”

  1. natevw says:

    As I was reading up on the Sony rootkit, I thought back to your defenses of FairPlay, and I’m glad for your perspective, regardless of any confilct-of-interest you might have. Reading about all this latest fiasco makes me glad that I’ve been in Apple’s “evil clutches” as far as music, DRM and security go….

  2. John C. Randolph says:

    I used to support EFF, but I have declined to do so since the Hamidi case.


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