Giant Tomato Plant in Late November?

Giant Tomato

I’m still getting used to the growing seasons in California. Pictured at left is the (yes, 1) cherry tomato plant that I planted in early May. It produced many a yummy tomato, though the damned rats got most of them.

Now it is late November and the plant seems to think it is spring! In late September, it mostly died back. That seemed to simply be a prelude to insane growth. And it has flowered and set fruit!

I’m betting that the first hard frost will kill the plant. Yet, the vegetation is dense enough and it is sheltered by the fence to the point where it wouldn’t surprise me if it survived such a frost.

Other than adding some really good compost from the city of Sunnyvale and watering the plant regularly, I didn’t do anything special. Largest Tomato plant I have ever grown.

One Response to “Giant Tomato Plant in Late November?”

  1. Jim McCoy says:

    A hard frost!?! In Sunnyvale? Don’t count on it…

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