10 Years (Best Dinner Ever)

Christine and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this evening. 10 very intense and chaotic years; ups, downs, sideways and inside out. Couldn’t imagine a better person to spend it with.

Via OpenTable.com, I scored a reservation at Manresa.

We opted for the Tasting Menu paired with appropriate wines. Given the quality of the restaurant and the head chef, we figured that leaving ourselves at the whim of the restaurant was the way to go.

And, boy, was it ever!

The meal started with a six or eight course “muse” menu. Little dishes that were designed to “wake” the taste buds. It started with an olive paste cookie and red pepper jelly followed by a series of intensely different and flavorful light dishes. Lots of emphasis on foams and foie-gras. My favorite was likely a cube shaped pastry containing warm liquified foie-gras.

The actual meal consisted of another six or seven dishes, each paired with a different wine. It started with various white wines coupled with different kinds of seafood. Of note, we were served an extraordinary dungeness crab and sea urchin in broth presented in the shell of the sea urchin and topped with a spicy coconut milk foam.

Then we had three red wines couple with various meats. The squab and beef were beautifully sauced and absolutely delectable.

Finally, the meal closed with a three course dessert menu coupled with a 10 year old port.

The staff was thorough and attentive without being intrusive and the atmosphere was intimate, yet open. When making the reservation, I mentioned that it was my anniversary and we were greeted at our table with a signed card and a couple of candles on one of the dessert courses.

Extraordinary meal. We will go back before another 10 years are up, for certain.

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3 Responses to “10 Years (Best Dinner Ever)”

  1. Amie says:

    That meal sounds nothing short of amazing; what a great way to celebrate your anniversary! Here’s to many more years of happiness together, and of course, many more extraordinary celebrations like this one!


  2. John C. Randolph says:

    Mazel Tov! And best wishes for all the decades to come!


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