Janis & Christmas

Janis Getting Into Christmas

On Christmas, if Janis doesn’t get a gift while everyone else is opening their presents, she will make herself as flat as possible (“pancake puppy mode”) and sigh loudly and regularly. Now we make sure that she is given a gift near the beginning of the whole present event. This year, we got her a bunch of toys and snacks and put them all in a really big Scooby Doo gift bag.

Janis Getting Into Christmas

As you can see, Janis quite literally got into her gift while exploring everything she received.

Janis Getting Into Christmas

All in all, she seems quite please with her gifts. Beyond that breath freshening bone, she also received a bunch of tennis balls, a couple of frisbees (at 10 years and way overweight, she still goes airborne for a frisbee), and some chew toys.

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