Electric Sheep & Stone Design

ElectricSheep.org Example

Imagine the image to the left fully animated. Tendrils of colorful fractal gooiness whipping around and about. Perfectly smooth. Gorgeous.

A couple of weeks ago, Andrew Stone of Stone Design pinged me to test a new client for electric sheep. Yesterday, there was an official press release announcing the availability of the new client.

The new client uses opengl based textures to vastly improve the playback quality and Andrew also added a couple of nice features.

ElectricSheep is the coolest screensaver around. The fractals are evolved by taking the favorite animations (you can rate any given animation as it is playing in the screensaver) and using their parameters to generate new animations.

Spot — Scott Draves — is also working on Dreams in High Definition. An HD version of Electric Sheep that will playback on custom appliances specifically dedicated to said purpose. I have seen some of the hi-res movies and they are flat out amazing.

Update: There is a zen like aspect of running Electric Sheep for the first time. It may take a long time — hours — before it downloads the first sheep. This is because it takes a completely lackadaisical approach to filling the local cache with animations. Just let it run for a while. It’ll get around to it on its own time.

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2 Responses to “Electric Sheep & Stone Design”

  1. julian/blog » Blog Archive » New Electric Sheep says:

    […] Bill Bumgarner posted a link to a press release announcing a new Electric Sheep client (screen saver) for Mac OS X. I used to have an Electric Sheep screen saver for a while in my Linux days, and Bill says this new Mac OS X client is OpenGL based, so hopefully it won’t heat up my laptop while it’s on. Grabbing it now. […]

  2. Greg says:

    I didn’t have trouble downloading the first one within about 2 minutes, but that is all it has downloaded. no more. Is it possible to run the HD version of the sheep? I just got a 30″ CD and the 640×480 look poxy.

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