Scott Adams’s weblog

Scott Adams (Dilbert author) has a weblog. In it, he says all the things that he can’t say in the comic strip. He criticizes his own work, makes fun of everything and everyone, and is both thought provoking and damned funny.

In a post called Clever Or Stupid – You Decide, Scott discussed part of a recently published comic and inviting reader commentary in regards to “violating the third wall”.

Scott followed up with an absolutely hilarious post that appears to have been deleted. Fortunately, I have it in my NetNewsWire cache. An excerpt:

A surprising number of you accused me of “violating a wall” in some sort of intimate fashion. I think I speak for every guy who has ever passed through puberty when I say, “Yes, I have violated a wall.” It wasn’t bad either. It was no floor, mind you, but not the worst I’ve had. As the inanimates go, a wall is relatively attractive.

Later, he mentions moccasins and vacuum cleaners. And his mom.


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