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Common CA groundcover weed

This is a picture of some weeds that grow in front of our house. Actually, they grow all over the area. Tiny round ball like blooms composed of a dozen or so little white flowers with yellow stamens.

If the image actually floats to the left with the text wrapped around it, then it indicates that the newer version of WordPress fixes an XML-RPC bug.

Update: This is Sweet Alyssum, seeds of which can commonly be found at various hardware stores and nurseries (thanks for the identification!). “Weed” refers to its growth habit. In Northern California Sweet Alyssum grows unbounded, spreading rapidly and growing with little care or water. It doesn’t appear to choke out other species to any significant degree and it seems to stick to relatively barren or disturbed areas. As such, said features make this a highly desirable plant!

Likewise, if this little blurb actually sticks on this click through link, then that is fixed, too.

Huh. Looks like there is still weirdness related to dividing a post across two pages.

It works. It is just weird. OK. I can live with this.

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  1. David says:

    The “weed” is Sweet Alyssum(Lobularia maritima).

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