The kind folks at BoltDepot.com sent me a set of their thread gauges in response to my article about my amazing screw oriented fastener acquisition. Thank you!

The screw guides are quite handy, incorporating diameter and thread pitch measurements into a single piece of flat plastic along with a handy ruler useful for measuring bolt length. The diameter measurements don’t go below 1/4″, so a lot of the fasteners commonly found in pinball machines are off the scale on the small end. However, the thread gauge does go down to 28 TPI (threads per inch)d which is plenty small enough to cover just about all of the screws I run into.

Beyond having an excellent assortment of bolts, screws, and related fasteners, Bolt Depot also has an incredible online library of fastener information. It includes everything from fastener type charts to various standards tables (Like the recommended torque table) to material guides.

The neatest resource is the set of PDFs that, when printed, yield thread and diameter guides. You can find these on the Printable Thread Gauges and Other Tools. They encourage folks to link to and use the various guides!

Thread Gauges and other Printable Fastener Tools from Bolt Depot


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3 Responses to “www.BoltDepot.com”

  1. Steve says:

    Printable rulers! What an awesome idea. Thanks for the link.

    Now all we need is for $20 bills to have english and metric rulers printed on each side. That would be truly handy.

  2. Jerry W. Walker says:

    Heh, you’ve got some hot blog these days when manufacturers (yeah, even outside the world of computers) are sponsoring your past posts!

    I wonder if some Williams pinball distributer will realize the advantages and send you a clean Cyclone game so you can see where all the parts go when it’s time to put it all back together. 🙂

  3. bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » The Cobb: Compact, Portable & Versatile Grill says:

    […] So, I visited the Art Fleederman and left a bit of feedback to see how serious/legitimate the company might be. I also offered to review the product, if they would send me a Cobb. I’m not above pimping my weblog for free stuff. […]

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