Baja Day 8: Departure

This is the events of our last day of the vacation, a travel day. All photos from this day can be found here..


Over night, the Sea Bird docked in La Paz. We left the ship after breakfast to climb aboard busses to head to a serpenteria in La Paz.

Hooded Oriole

Odd, but very neat, place. Apparently, the professor started collecting various snakes, lizards, and other dessert creepy crawlies over 15 years ago with the intention of making such creatures less scary and more approachable by the general population.

The place is located in a side neighborhood of La Paz, down several dirt roads. It otherwise looks like a nicely fenced in yard until you enter and realize that all of the beautiful gardens are actually habitats for iguanas, snakes, turtles and the like.

The professor that started the place completed it last year. Then he disappeared about a month later, never to be heard from again. The rumor is that he may have been assassinated as a result of a business deal gone sour in Cabo San Lucas.

Aloe Bloom

From there, we piled back into the busses and headed to La Paz airport for the flight to LA and, eventually, the flight home to San Jose. La Paz had a duty free shop with a small, but awesome, selection of tequilas. I ended up with a bottle of Gran Centanario Anejo and Milagro Anejo (in a hand blown glass bottle with a glass agave at the bottom) for less than $40 each. That puts my total at 6 different top quality tequilas obtained at less than half (sometimes well less) price compared to stateside.

All in all, an absolutely incredible trip. Roger learned a lot and got to experience many amazing and unique things first hand. Same goes for Christine and I.

Hopefully, someday we will be able to go on another expedition style cruise of this nature.

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  1. Amie says:

    This whole trip seemed positively magical. I am betting that even as young as Roger is, he is going to remember this trip. I would certainly like to take Abbey and Mr. Soon-to-be born once they’re old enough. Abbey is already a huge nature nut. Even on walks through the neighbourhood, she has to pick up every lose rock, acorn, or pinecone, and touch each plant or shrub she’s never seen before.

    I was pretty impressed with the range of tours this company does, as well! Some were a bit on the pricey side, to be sure, but they really seem to be once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

    Really great pictures, by the way!

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