Best. Salmon. Ever.

Stuffed Salmon Ready to Grill

Yesterday, Ben and I set out to cook a salmon on the Big Green Egg. We picked up a whole salmon at the farmer’s market. $36 for 7lbs of the freshest, most beautiful, chunk of Salmon I have ever worked with. I then did a horribly job of deboning it — Salmon doesn’t work quite like bass — but still managed to effectively butterfly the fish and leave the filets largely intact.

As seen in the picture, we stuffed it with tangerines, onion, fresh dill, ginger, brown sugar, red wine followed by a salt rub on the outside. After sitting in the fridge for a couple of hours, we grilled the salmon on the BGE at 200 degrees until the internal temperature hit 120 degrees. As the internal temperature of the salmon crossed 95, we gradually reduced the BGE temperature to about 180. After letting the salmon rest under foil for 10 minutes, we dug in with a fine glass of wine in hand.

It was the most sublime salmon I have ever tasted. More tender than lightly poached salmon, but with all the complex flavors imparted from grilling. Since it was grilled as seen in the picture, the grill flavors were pretty mild. Next time, I think I’ll cook at a slightly lower BGE temperature and the salmon laid open on the grill grid.

The BGE is proving to be an absolutely amazing piece of grill engineering. The temperature is just rock solid stable and the key to success is a thermometer in both the thing being grilled and in the BGE itself. Then, do not ever open the BGE unless you explicitly need to adjust the food itself.

Next up? Either a smoked turkey or ribs…

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  1. Joe Heck says:

    A friend of mine has one of the eggs, and last summer we went insane with ribs. Just incredible. A little apple and pear wood in there added to my favorite flavor of last year.

    I’m curious – what’d you stick in the salmon? It looks very good…

  2. DAD says:

    gee, i’m sooooooooooooo sorry i missed the fish.

  3. David says:

    What size BGE do you have? Would you go bigger or smaller? I have been reading the reviews since your last couple of blog entries and they look simply amazing. Can you tell us more about it?

  4. bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » Big Green Egg; Huh? says:

    […] So far, I have done chicken and salmon on the BGE that were mind blowingly good. I have also done burgers and a beef roast that were both great, but suffered from over cooking. Purely my fault — the key with the BGE is to have remote probe based thermometers such that you can monitor internal temperatures without opening the lid. Now that I have several such devices, I’m going to go after another roast and I’m betting it will be the Best. Beef. Ever. […]

  5. Tripp Easton says:

    I just got a big green egg and I am blown away with a great cook I turned out to be. Actually I just load the egg with good stuff and it makes me look like a first class chef. I am going to try your Salmon, it looks great. Have you tried using those cedar planks I see in all the BBQ stores around?
    I just bought some John Henrys “Pecan Rub”, this is the best rub I have found for pork and bird. If you go to his web site do yourself a favor and go ahead and get the Texas size bottle. Just thought I would share that with you.

  6. bbum says:

    I haven’t tried the cedar planks in the BGE, but I just had cedar plank salmon the other night that was cooked on a conventional gas grill (my parents don’t have a BGE — workin’ on ’em!). It was spectacularly yummy, though slightly overdone.

    I think the planks would work well in the BGE, though you will probably want to cook at a slightly higher temperature — say, 300 or 350 — to drive the flavors and smoke out of the wood.

    Rub ordered. Thanks for the tip.

    Oh — I missed David’s question about sizes. I have the large and love it. The extra-huge size might be nice, but it is — as its name implies — extra gigantic and weighs a ton. The lid has a nasty “snap” to it. As such, I would stick with the large and get a second BGE, if I ever wanted to expand my cooking surface.

    I wrote a post about buying a BGE:

  7. bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » How to turn a whole salmon into fillets. says:

    […] red wine yields a refreshing and light result that couples well with salads or spring vegetables. Hot smoked salmon creates a rich, full bodied, hunk of meat that is almost steak like in its texture and depth […]

  8. Dino says:

    Mmmmmm, salmon , my Dad brought some home from the states ,and it was the best fish dish I ever had , it’s so unfortunate that salmon is not indigenous here in our place so eating salmon is a rare and special event for us.

    Oh well maybe someday we can culture salmon here so that I can buy my favorite fish in our local store.

  9. Brian says:

    Great looking salmon dish – I like to smoke mine over apple wood. – Brian

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