Mr. Coffee: Bad Design & Opaque Company

As previously mentioned, I have a Mr. Coffee Burr Mill Coffee Grinder (BMX3).

It worked well enough when it worked. But now it doesn’t work. It appears that one of the safety switches has failed. The end result is that the grinder won’t turn on even when all doors and receptacles are fully docked, locked, and ready to go.

From the looks of the Amazon review, it appears that this is a common failure.

OK — fine — I’m going to write Mr. Coffee a letter. An honest to God, through the postal mail letter. Ok, off to Mr. Coffee’s web site to find a postal address.

No luck. No address found anywhere on that site.

It appears that Mr. Coffee is a brand of Sunbeam. Sunbeam’s web site leads to the same total lack of physical mailing address. However, Sunbeam was acquired by Jarden in late 2004. Actually, it looks kinda like Jarden is becoming the Beatrice of home appliances. Anyone else remember the “We are beatrice!” tag line on just about every food ad in the mid ’90s or so?

Jarden’s site provide a bunch of 800 numbers as contact info. Or you can click through to the same bloody web form. I don’t want a web form. I want to send a nice formal letter composed on the formal letter stationary provided by Pages.

Ahh.. OK. Tucked away at the bottom of this page are two mailing addresses. I’ll try the first.

(((Mr. Coffee) Sunbeam) Jarden) is not the only company that is taking such an opaque approach to customer service. I can understand the desire to save money by not dealing with physical Mail, but it seems to be at the sacrifice of any kind of relationship between the company and the consumer.

We shall see where this goes…

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One Response to “Mr. Coffee: Bad Design & Opaque Company”

  1. Andy Lee says:

    I had a similar problem when I wanted to complain about a dental floss product. It was a similar consumer goods company, I forget which, nested in layers of parent companies. Good luck finding who to write, call, or email. Finally, after wading through marketing Flash sites with animated toothbrushes, I got through. I got an emailed apology and a snail-mailed coupon as reimbursement. I appreciated it, but all I wanted was to let them know their product was unusable. You’d think they’d make it easier to get feedback like that.

    The problem with the floss was that the powdery mint coating made it too slippery to grip and got all over my fingers.

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