Salmon stuffed with asparagus and crab

Crab & Asparagus stuffed in Wild Pacific Salmon
Crab & Asparagus stuffed in Wild Pacific Salmon

Next up on the BGE?

Fresh wild pacific salmon stuffed with crab, butter, a touch of lemon, dill, and a bit of lightly cooked asparagus. It’ll sit on the BGE for at least 2 hours or until it gets to 120 degrees internal temp, whichever comes first.

Forgot the dill, damnit. Maybe I’ll make a dill sauce. Actually, Knotmaster Ben (he tied the truss) made a Mustard/Dill sauce that was most very yummy.

Cooked Salmon

Update: Absolutely brilliant. Used hickory chips to provide smoke. The crab/salmon bits that were exposed to smoke were divine. The asparagus actually cooked into the salmon such that each spear was coated in the most wonderful, buttery, salmon meat.

The next step is to figure out how to do something similar, but with the salmon completely open face. This should vastly increase the smoke exposure, but has a risk of either drying out the salmon or overcooking the veggies and/or crab on top. I’m thinking that a tub of liquid next to the salmon would solve that problem.

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