Leg of Lamb

Infused Leg of Lamb
Infused Leg Of Lamb

In celebration of Easter, this weekend’s Big Green Egg experiment will be a leg of lamb. I have infused the lamb with puréed rosemary, garlic, and red wine using a very large hypodermic needle. It’ll sit for a bit and then on to the Big Green Egg it will go for at least a few hours of grilling at low temperatures.

This should be interesting.

Update: OK. Yeah. “Interesting” does not do it justice.

I ended up cooking the lamb on the BGE for almost 3 hours. It started at 330 degrees over a bed of mesquite charcoal with hickory chips and a big chunk of rosemary sitting on the coals. From there, I dropped the temperature to 200 degrees and let it slow cook for nearly 2 hours. As the internal temperature closed in to 100 degrees, I dropped the egg’s temperature to around 170-180 degrees to slow the cooking down a bit such that the lamb would be ready when our guests arrived (and not before).

The end result was the juiciest, most tender, smoky lamb I have ever had. The garlic/rosemary/wine infusion imparted an amazing flavor and color to the meat near the bone while the rosemary/hickory smoke gave an intense flavor to the outer meat.

2 Responses to “Leg of Lamb”

  1. David says:

    Stop it! Stop it!!

  2. DAD says:

    i threw mine in the oven @ 350 degrees for 1hour 20 minutes( it was pre-herbed by the supermarket).
    sliced it, made sauces from pan drippings & Progresso onion soup(just the liquid, no onions) & it was gone.
    made loin of pork for Zippy ’cause he does not eat lamb. started with antipasto, artichokes from Aunt Marie, stuffed shells, first time i made them, with meatballs, italian bread.
    then dessert!!!

    now we r talking…cannolis, pasta grande cake, pastachot, sfzulladella, cheese cake that AD brought and a great homemade cheese cake made by Aunt Marie. It was soo good. Saved a piece for mom which she ate last night.

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