Makers Faire Day 1

Lawnmower Bike

I am exhausted. More mentally than physically.

After hauling a Dr. Who and Addams Family pinball machine up to the Makers Faire this morning, I spent the day being absolutely overwhelmed by technology, creativity, and incredibly smart people.

The Make folks have nailed it.

Printed Metal

At every turn, there is something new, different, amazing, beautiful, or just plain unique to dive into and try to understand. The emphasis is on “hands on” or “learn and go do”. Pick up a conversation with anyone and you are guaranteed to learn something.

And it isn’t just about cutting edge, high technology, or uber expensive. By and large, the makers make do with whatever they have. In between things built with of the most high tech materials and methodologies, you will find a simple and elegant use of everyday things to yield surprising results.

Roger and Christine came up to check out the show. They had a blast. There is an entire room full of old printers, VCRs, and other electronics stuff. And tools. As an attendee, you are expected to rip stuff apart and build new stuff. Roger and I ripped a part a VCR, grabbed a couple of printer parts and made a spinning thing that had Roger’s name on it.

Sums Up The Whole Show

Really, this picture sums up the look on many folk’s faces. Happy in learning of all of the amazing and creative things unfolding around them.

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