Makers Faire Day 2

Popping Balloons

Makers Faire Day 2 proved to be even more entertaining and thought provoking that Day 1. Early on, I ran into Duncan who was photo-documenting the faire. I tagged along and helped with the photo process as I could and he let me have a play with his flash-on-a-wire. Gotta get me one of those.

We also dropped into the high speed photography lab and popped a bunch of balloons. It was awesome. Upon conclusion, we both immediately picked up a high speed photography kit. Here is the same shot taken from the dead on position by the tripod mounted camera from the Quaketronics guys. And a shot of me popping a balloon.

Tiny Robot -- BugBot

The Microsoft guys pulled out their bugbots and let ’em run around outside in the sun for a bit (sun? Wow! That is new around here!). They were ultra cool little compact ‘bots that used a little bit of solar power to move around in highly bursty, kind of buggy, ways. Neat stuff!

All in all, Makers Faire was an incredibly inspiring show. The looks on all the kids faces as they made cool stuff was the best of all; a whole new generation of creatives ready to make the world their own.

Playing Gigi

I have a long list of todo items now, for sure. It starts with finishing off the Cyclone, putting together the high speed photography kit (and extending it a bit — making it my own), and several other ideas that are now rattling around, begging for attention.

So, thanks to Tim, Dale, and the whole crew. You guys just pulled off one hell of a good show!

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  1. John C. Randolph says:

    A couple of years ago I was in Halted one day, and there was a row of prismatic high-speed movie cameras. I really should have picked one up, but there was no documentation or power supply to be found. Also, I had no idea how I could afford the extremely high-intensity lighting those cameras require..


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