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A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I played with Andrew Stone’s new app.

Version 1.0 shipped last night and it is quite incredibly cool.

Videator is a real time & recorded video playground. Like Imaginator offers easy to use access to the full power of Core Image, Videator offers the same easy access to Core Video.

It is tons of fun to play with. Kids totally dig it. At the next BBQ, I’m going to hook my MacBook Pro (Videator / Core Video obviously uses a ton of horsepower to do the raw video decoding, encoding, effects, and playback) and point the iSight into the room. The app even features a party mode.

I was hoping to have time to throw together a sample Videator document with a bunch of my flower pics. Time is not something I have had a surplus of over the past few months. I have been rather busy with Xcode 2.3, which shipped this morning.

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