Almost bought, but deleted: Super Collapse! 3

I was checking out MacUpdate today and noticed that Super Collapse! 3 had been released. I like puzzle games and SC2 was quite the nice little bit of distraction for a while.

So, of course, I downloaded it immediately.

The Readme looked promising:

Simply drag the Super Collapse! 3 icon to any folder on your hard disk. Once it has finished copying, installation is complete.

Goody! They did it right! None of this admin required installer package crap. Drag-n-drop installs as it should be!

Silly dialog box.

I was about to be punished for my optimism. First launch yielded the dialog seen at right.

Wha? Why the hell would the game need administrative privileges on first launch? Perchance to drop some turd in a random admin-only directory?

Sure enough. That is exactly what the app was doing. There is no reason or excuse for this behavior. I don’t care why it is doing this (though I suspect it is likely related to licensing) and cannot think of any reason why said turd file — if it really can’t be avoided — can’t simply be dropped somewhere in the user’s home directory. Say, ~/Library/Application Support/GameHouse/Super Collapse! 3 or a similar directory under ~/Library/Caches?

I had a play once I figured out exactly how to undo whatever silliness the app was going to splat upon my filesystem.

Absolutely brilliant update to this classic game. Graphics and presentation are beautiful and sound is well done, too. I like the updates to the game play, from new styles of levels to the whole story line style flow from level to level. Neat power ups and a whole “store” concept thrown in, too. There is enough play variation — from brain teaser style puzzle to spastic monkey against the clock — that any puzzle game fan will likely find something of interest.

All in all, a great puzzle game that I would have bought if it hadn’t been for the above silliness. Instead, into the trash it goes.

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