Columbia, MO.


I’m in Columbia, MO. for the week, spending time with the family and generally relaxing in the midst of the WWDC crunch. Of course, I brought the camera along and having a grand time photographing everything in the garden.

Since I have taken about a bazillion flower photos, I’m focusing on uniquely interesting blooms, bugs, and other interesting things. I have posted a Flickr photo set that contains the growing collection of photos.

The dragonflies around the pond are numerous and strikingly beautiful. I captured a couple of brilliant blue dragonflies mating. Looks more like a mid-air refueling exercise than mating.

Rainbow Winged Fly on Queen Anne's Lace

Some of the smallest bugs are the most striking. This incredibly tiny fly was crawling around on top of a queen anne’s lace blossom. Beautiful rainbow wings. No idea why a fly might need rainbow wings, but it is certainly striking.

Taking such a photo requires a bit of patience and a steady hand. Thank goodness for Aperture — I took about 40 captures of that one fly and selected the best capture.

The little odd colored purple thing at the left of the photo is the one colored floret of that particular species of flower. It is tiny and, apparently, collected in large quantities to make fabric dyes.

Brilliant Green Fly

Nature certainly isn’t all about camouflage, as is demonstrated by this brilliant green fly that was hanging out on an equally as brilliant yellow flower. I really like the sort of bean shaped eyes.

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