iPod can protect hearing, too!

Missouri Mud Butterfly

I spent part of today mowing paths through the fields and woods surrounding my parent’s house. I’m using a John Deere 750 tractor with a Bush Hog mounted on the back. This thing can rip through small trees and is excellent for mowing paths.

I started by mowing the fields and, at the end of it, my ears were ringing. Stupid me.

When mowing around the pond and into the woods, I put on my iPod with a set of the Apple iPod In-Ear Headphones and it worked brilliantly. It completely deadened the tractor sound while allowing me to listen to decent tunes at a reasonable volume.

I have never been able to wear an in-the-ear headphone before these. These are the first headphones of these types that have not immediately made my ears swell and turn red/itchy.

Boating Across the Pond

The trick is to set the volume limiter to a reasonable level in a quiet room and then not worry about blowing out your ears when in noisy environment like on a tractor or in an airplane.

We also spent some time tooling around the pond in a little boat, hunting bugs, snakes, frogs and anything else that moves.

Tomorrow, I hope to get some picks of vultures as they pick a dead possum clean on top of the dam. That and grab a few captures of the wildflowers that are now accessible off the freshly mown paths.

3 Responses to “iPod can protect hearing, too!”

  1. John C. Randolph says:

    What a coincidence. I was wearing my own BNR shirt when I read this…


  2. Dad says:

    u & the boy r looking good…real good.

  3. corbin says:

    that moth is a great picture!

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