The French “iTunes” Law Redux

So, it appears that the French have passed a watered down version of what the press has been calling the “iTunes law” into actual, real, gotta be enforced law. I’m not going to repeat the light banter that appears in every other article.

I will say this: Anyone who thinks that the law is about eliminating DRM is seriously clue impaired. The law attempts to create a utopia for the record labels where their content can be DRM’d anyway they please (in terms of consumer rights limitations) while some central agency ensures that said DRM is compatible with all players and devices.

No, what I want to know is this:

What has happened to the language that would make it illegal to develop certain common types of open source software such as media players and any kind of data transfer protocols? As well, what has happened to the french citizen’s “private copy” right which was effectively going to be lost with the last draft prior to the “minor watering down” of the final law?

These were all issues I discussed in some detail in a previous post.

Update: Comments related to iTMS, Apple, and the French Law will be deleted unless they add some useful piece of information that has not be covered to death in the 8 million articles on the subject. It isn’t interesting and there is a much larger issue here — exactly what is this law going to do to the french open source community and french software development industry?

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2 Responses to “The French “iTunes” Law Redux”

  1. Stephane says:

    Regarding the “Private copy” part, don’t worry. In France, there is a tax on every blank DVD, CD, Tape which is supposed to compensate for this “Private copy” right. Till now, every lawsuit against any protected CD has been won because of this tax & right.

    I don’t think this right will be removed because it’s completely tied to the tax and:

    – it’s way more difficult to remove a tax than to create it.

    – it’s easy money for the Majors. They know how much money they can expect each year without making any effort.

    – In 10 months, there will be elections in France and we’re going to enter a “don’t do anything that you could ruin your chance of being elected” period.

  2. bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » French Law Redux Redux says:

    […] Unfortunately, I was correct. […]

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