German band pulls out of iTunes Music Store because of DRM

Ya know — if you want to wage a war of words, it helps if you get it right when doing so.

As reported on Boing Boing and elsewhere, a German band — Bodenständig 2000 — has pulled out of the iTunes Music Store because of DRM.

The original post has the original band’s statement interleaved within.

Mostly reasonable and I applaud the band for taking a stand in something they believe in. Personally, I’m no fan of DRM, either.

However, much credibility is lost with this statement:

Apple’s IPod? Yes, they look good any maybe they are the last bastion of classical brAun-like industrial design vs. chinese-turkish styling-trash for pimps and bitches, but still: They are crippled and i don’t buy one.

Actually, the iPod plays non-DRM’d files just fine. It played non-DRM’d files nearly 2 years prior to FairPlay or the iTunes Music Store even being released.

Non-DRM’d– totally unencrypted, AAC, MP3, Apple Lossless, WAV, and AIFF (not the shuffle, though) all play perfectly well on every version of the iPod released. And the iPod Video is plays non-encrypted H.264 and MP4 video files with zero DRM.

How, exactly, is that crippled?

Is it crippled because it can play a DRM’d format?

I suppose the band also doesn’t buy or use DVD players, then? Or video game consoles? Or any commercial software?

Update: Discovered through a post that linked to this one (and implied I was making a neo-nazi comment — repeat after me: “The opinions found in the comments may not necessarily make any sense, much less be the opinions of the site operator”), it appears that the band is quite nicely leveraging the massive moment of publicity to self-promote by making several tracks available for download.

Go have a listen. Not something I would choose to listen to while relaxing at home, but it would be a welcome change from the typical elevator music crap pumped into most American retailers. This is music that could definitely improve my mall shopping experience!

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5 Responses to “German band pulls out of iTunes Music Store because of DRM”

  1. John C. Randolph says:

    “Chinese-Turkish styling trash”?

    Is this a neo-nazi band we’re talking about?


  2. Ilja says:

    I live in Berlin, Germany and I never heard of “Bodenständig 2000”. I just googled their homepage and from the midi file attached to it, Apple should be grateful that these guys quite quite the iTMS.


  3. map says:

    FWIW, I too am German, like 8-bit music and never heard of theses guys before. Their claim to fame seems to be the “music” to that annoying crazy frog ringtone commercials. So, no loss but a good marketing move on their part it seems.

    Could someone explain to me why Cory seems to be on a personal crusade against Apple? I care about issues of information freedom and can’t understand why anybody would waste their time barking up on the Apple tree. And shouldn’t Cory rather write about TPM support in Ubuntu anyway? 😉

  4. technozid » Bodenständig 2000 sound bites updated says:

    […] Due to the Warholian 15-minutes-fame moment of my Bodenständig 2000 iTunes post and its appearance on BoingBoing, the artists decided to put some more songs available for donwload onto their webpage. Everybody who thinks they are making neo-nazi rock can listen to it and hopefully see how wrong this assumption is. I’m still trying to talk them into releasing some material to CC:Share Music or CC:Sampling. I’ll keep this blog updated on that matter. […]

  5. Michael says:

    @Map, Bodenständig 2000 is around many years. Their claim to fame – if at ll – was their invitation for a US tour by the US subsidiary of the Goethe institute and the fact that Björk likes them. The “crazy frog affair” was accidental. They only learned about it afterwards. And if you dig deeper you’ll find that the guys who designed the frog (and took the Bodenständig music) never had annyoing ringtones in mind as well.

    @bbum: I never wanted to say YOU said they were neo-nazis. My trackback was aimed at John C. Randolph (commenter #1 to this thread).

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