Chuck Jones was a genius; John K. earns WB some $$

I grew up on Warner Brothers cartoons; Bugs Bunny and the crew filled my saturday mornings. At the time, I had no idea what genius entertainment I was consuming every Saturday AM, but I’m learning.

In particular, John Kricfalusi — the creator of Ren and Stimpy — has been posting the most amazing in depth observations of the genius of the Warner Brother (and other) cartoon directors, animators and other participants from the “early days”.

I have always been a fan of animation and John K.’s consistently interesting posts re-sparked that interest.

So, I dropped Chuck Jones: Extremes and in Betweens, a Life in Animation into my Netflix queue.

Wow. First, I had no idea that Chuck Jones was behind so many of the cartoons I remember so clearly. Secondly, I had forgotten exactly how good said cartoons were!

End result, I went to Amazon and ordered Looney Tunes: Golden Collection. A three DVD set containing many of Chuck Jones best Looney Tunes work. Awesome stuff. While I’m certain said collection is a sanitized version of that particular era of animation, it is a start.

Now, Warner Brothers is persecuting John K. for his incredible write ups of the evolution of animation. Let me say right here and now: If it weren’t for John K.’ entertaining and highly educational post, I would never have purchased the above DVDs.

Warner Brothers will, of course, be receiving an angry leter.

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3 Responses to “Chuck Jones was a genius; John K. earns WB some $$”

  1. Charles says:

    Oh ferchrissake. If Warner hadn’t protected its intellectual properties for all these years, Chuck Jones never would have had a job in the first place. Neither would Kricfalusi.

  2. bbum says:

    Oh, I agree. You might find that I’m surprisingly supportive of IP rights and protections. And I think that posting full cartoons on youtube without context is definitely crossing the line.

    But there is a certain corporate diplomacy that should come along with protecting IP rights and said diplomacy is grossly lacking in these modern times.

  3. bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » Toon Heads says:

    […] I’m a huge fan of cartoons. I grew up on Bugs Bunny (and the associated classics from about 1930 onward) and continue to enjoy them to this day. […]

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