Clogging the Tubes

You know… in some senses… Ted Stevens is actually right in that the Internet is clogged with complete crap data that no legitimate business should have to pay to send, receive or carry. (No, I am not — not for a moment — indicating that I think Stevens has a clue or a valid position)

I have owned the domain name since 1993. It has been used for many purpose over the past 16 years. I have even trademarked as “devoted to bringing families and communities closer together through the use of network based communication technologies”. Which is — I have run many mailing lists, boards and other community gathering services out of the domain.

Of course, I have gotten the random offers for the domain over the years. And the sob stories. One woman called me claiming she had a bazillion dollar business idea but was a single mom and, therefore, I should donate the domain to her so she could make lots of dough and put her kids through school. For some reason, she never got back to me when I mentioned that (at the time) putting companies online was my day job and I would be happy to sign an NDA and help her out….

For the past four years, hasn’t had an MX record. That is, was not a domain through which any email could possibly be delivered. It was an email black hole.

That changed yesterday as I was trying to figure out how to log in somewhere that I had registered 8 years ago and figured would be the only obvious choice given that didn’t work.

But, wait, Bill! You are putting your email address out in the open! Yeah, so what… the rat bastard spammers already have it. Google reveals all…

In any case, I pointed’s MX record to the red-bean server (thanks! brilliant bunch of folks!) with an alias on the server pointed to my gmail account (which, surprisingly, doesn’t show up in google yet).

Boy Howdy is spam a disease on the Internet. Wow. Akismet is deleting upwards of 200 spam/day on my weblog while .mac,, and gmail delete thousands fo spam/day to my various accounts.

But it gets worse. It isn’t just the random broadcast scams and ads that are clogging the tubes, per se…

I set things up so I see all email that dumps into

Not only is the spam just stupid high volume, but it appears that a bunch of people have managed to register for any of a number of random services with email addresses. All kinds of invites, receipts and other random stuff is showing up and I have only been casually perusing for 24 hours.

The worst, though, is a particular MySpace account. It seems that a particular user managed to sign up for a myspace account with a bogus email address. Worse, the publicly available profile and the constant barrage of messages indicate that this user of MySpace is exactly the kind of user that is causing discussion of laws regulating said sites.

I have notified MySpace via the email address that is included with the emails. We shall see if they actually do anything.

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