Pre-WWDC Silence.

It is the run-up to WWDC. Crunch time. Testing this. Writing slides. Confirming that. Ensuring the other works. Hence the silence.

This WWDC is gonna kick ass.

Though WWDC consumes, life goes on.

On a Saturday a week and a half ago, I ventured off to the local, rather awesome, farmer’s market. One of the vendors sells raw oysters — shucks ’em live in front of you — and my friend, a new father, and I decided to kick back and enjoy a bunch.

Seems I played oyster roulette and lost. Yet, I’m a statistic! There was a bacterial bloom in the west coast oyster crop and it sounds pretty much exactly like my rather unpleasant experience. Yay for me.

At least I lost some weight; about 7 lbs over the course of a week.

The garden continues… I’m now up to my eyeballs in cucumbers. If anyone has a good recommendation for pickle recipes, please let me know. That, and carrots.

Too bad the whole thing’ll get bulldozed this fall.

Ruby And Roger in Sprinkler

Back in February, I mentioned that we had a new puppy. She is considerably bigger now; taller than Janis Joplin (or ten year old puppy in residence).

This evening, Ruby decided to drag a well rotted rat carcass into the living room. Yup. Dead rotting rat. Mmm…. She then proceeded to shred it. Yay!

If ya’ll know what Tommy’s is, I’ll be there on the 5th, the 6th, and the 9th….

7 Responses to “Pre-WWDC Silence.”

  1. anon says:

    When I was young I had tape worm in my stomach. May be there should be
    a market for fat american to loose weight third world style.

    So if bacteria can make you loose 7 lb, can you imagine what a tape worm
    would do. It beats gastric bypass by long way. especially when you can
    take medicine to get rid of it. I should patent this.

  2. anon says:

    In the book “Seabiscuit: An American Legend” it is described how some jockeys did this very thing in the 1930’s to keep their weight down for the races.

  3. rentzsch says:

    Interesting transposition on the pic. At first glance I thought Ruby had human front legs.

  4. James Eagan says:

    Tommy’s as in Tommy’s Joint?

    I’ll be visiting the Bay Area from Atlanta that weekend, not that you have a clue who I am besides some random webfanb0y 😉

  5. Larry says:

    My wife loves this pickle recipe.

    Mustard Pickles

    9 cukes 6 onions l red pepper l green
    pepper l cauliflower

    Peel cukes, remove seeds and cut in pieces. Slice onions, etc.
    sprinkle the whole thing with salt
    Let stand 2 hours, drain


    2 1/2 c white sugar 3/4 c flour 3 tbsp dry mustard
    l tsp tumeric l tsp celery seed

    l c water 3 c vinegar

    Boil till clear stirring well. Add cukes, onions, etc. and boil for
    a few minutes.

    Bottle and seal

  6. Amie says:

    Hey, I lost 7 lbs 8oz last week; of course it was all baby, lol.

    Sorry to hear about the oysters! And it still completely stinks that your community is losing its garden! Any likely locations in the neighbourhood to start fresh next year?

    As for Ruby? Gross!!!

  7. Stefan Seiz says:

    I know you can’t publish any details. But when you say this is gonna be a kick ass wwdc, can you hint some session numbers related to “kick ass”?
    See ya @ the Moscone.

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