 (Shift-opt-k)

I was recently writing some engineering documents and needed to drop an Apple logo into said documents. How to type that???

As it turns out, the answer is in many places once you figure out where to look. In particular, you just hit “shift-opt-k”. Like this: . Woot.

Apple’s own Guidelines for Using Apple Trademarks and Copyrights has the answer in the first paragraph.

Of more general interest is the Apple Typography article at Wikipedia. It describes exactly how the Apple logo on a Mac fits in with unicode (it is stuck on a private code page).


Update: As Fed points out, the above Apple character will likely only show up in Mac based browsers. Windows — are there any that read this?? — and Linux users are likely seeing little boxes or something.

If you really want cross-platform compatibility, you’ll probably need to use a PNG or something. Since I’m typing the character into documents destined for consumption by other Apple employees, shift-opt-k () works perfectly for me.

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  1. Daniel J. Luke says:

    The matias tactilepro keyboard (which is a pretty good approximation of the Apple Extended Keyboard II – my favorite keyboard of all time), has the option and shift-option glyps printed on it, which makes finding things like that (and the euro symbol) easier.

  2. Dominik Wagner says:

    I always activate the keyboard viewer in the international preferences. It shows very nicely the directly accessable special characters.

  3. Jacob Rus says:

    The open apple glyph is also in Lucida Grande. It’s an alternate form of this character, so you can type it into textedit (for instance) by bringing up the typography palette and clicking the select box at the bottom. I don’t know of any way to get the open apple glyph into a photoshop text layer, however.

  4. Fed’s Bolsoblog » Blog Archive » Come generare un logo Apple: says:

    […]  (Shift-opt-k): […]

  5. Brian Webster says:

    For what it’s worth, the Apple character shows up as Unicode value F8FF in the character palette. This is in the Private Use Area code block of Unicode, so it probably doesn’t translate to other systems.

    Ah, yup, just looked at the source for this page, and the little apples are indeed represented by that value. Apple just needs to lobby the Unicode people for its inclusion in Unicode 5.0! (or whatever the heck the next version is)

  6. Federico Giacanelli says:

    Thank you for the quote: I was considering producing an english-only category (or even a dedicated blog) but this make me lazy! 🙂

  7. Fish says:

    Well you have at least one ‘currently’ non-Mac reader, so it’s all ???? to me in Firefox.

  8. Chris says:

    Note that it’s not available (at least not as option-shift-k) with the ‘U.S. Extended’ input method.

  9. n[ate]vw says:

    From the frontmatter of the Dashboard ref pdf (maybe others, too):

    Use of the “keyboard” Apple logo
    (Option-Shift-K) for commercial purposes
    without the prior written consent of Apple
    may constitute trademark infringement and
    unfair competition in violation of federal
    and state laws.

  10. bbum says:

    Heh. Somehow I doubt if a random weblog talking about typing an  character constitutes commercial purposes, even if I do have ads.

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