Ruby (The Dog)

Ruby And A Fly

Ruby now stands taller than Janis. She continues to be a very strange puppy.

In this picture, she is having a staring contest with a fly. Actually, she hunts flies. She held that position for about 15 minutes, gradually moving her nose closer and closer to the fly. Never did catch that one, but has gotten others.

Ruby is also unique in that she is the only dog I have met that is not a complete beggar when food is around. She’ll acknowledge that we are eating, maybe checking out whatever it is, and then head off to find a chew toy or hunt flies. She never gobbles her own food, taking a mouthful at a time into some random spot in the house to enjoy each individual piece.

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  1. ghfhgj says:

    would your dog happen to have to have a brother named harley that youve met before

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