Daring Fireball on the supposed Mac Wireless Vulnerability

From the moment that Krebs (in his Washington Post weblog) broke the whole “Macs can be hacked via Airport in 60 seconds or less” supposed vulnerability discovered by Ellch/Maynor at Black Hat, the whole thing has stunk as sensationalist and clueless journalism blowing things way out of proportion.

I wanted to write something about it, but had zero time to research (WWDC had me just a wee bit busy).

Daring Fireball has followed up in great detail. Worthy read. It will be interesting to see how Krebs/Ellch/Maynor spin things from here out.

For example, a suggested headline for Krebs’ follow-up article’s title (since the one he choose was not as stupisational as the original):

I’m a Gullible Rube and Got So Excited I Nearly Stained My Pants at the Thought of Breaking a Story on a Major Mac Security Exploit

Update: I agree with someone who said that Gruber needs an editor. While long and generally full of content, there is probably about 30% of the word count that could be shaved while preserving both the quality and humor of the content. Still, good writing and I’m happy to have my $30 classic DF shirt!

If you want to see what others are saying about the DF article (or any weblog article, for that matter), just plug it into Technorati:

Curious Case @ Technorati

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