Grilled Honey Chicken

Last night, I wanted to slow-roast a chicken (BGE, of course), and briefly thought about making a plain chicken to ensure that Roger — who doesn’t yet like spicy things — would enjoy it too.

But, of course, I couldn’t just leave the damned bird alone.

So, I took a spoon and — like when spicing a bird under the skin — separated the skin from the meat at the neck, going down the back and breasts (do the same thing and stuff the bird with rosemary and diced lemons…)

I then filled the resulting cavities with quite a lot of honey and drizzled more honey on the outside of the bird.

The bird was roasted at about 270 to 300 degrees for a couple of hours (until the internal temperature hit 165 degrees). I went with the slightly higher temperature to caramelize some of the honey’s sugar. The bird was propped up on a “chickcan” rack. That link leads to the product at Amazon — decent price, but you can find better if you hunt around at local stores. Definitely worth it — totally stabilizes the chicken, which tend to fall over when simply placed on a can.

It worked brilliantly. There were sections of crispy-sweet skin on top of incredibly succulent, honey soaked, perfectly cooked, chicken meat. Roger loved it — devoured it — and everyone else thought it was delicious, too.

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