Spammers vs. Spam Karma 2 (and Akismet)

Since moving to WordPress 2, I had been relying on the built in Akismet to take care of all the rat bastard spammer droppings. It has done the job nicely, averaging over a thousand spams filtered a month.

Akismet contacts a central server to check if an inbound comment is spam. It is free for personal use and requires an API key to use.

Akismet generally works great but, occasionally, a large batch of spam would end up in my moderation queue. By large batch, I mean 30 to 100 spamments a day. This may have been because Akismet’s central server was down or because the spammers hit my weblog with a pattern that hadn’t been updated in the central store.

Who knows? It was seriously annoying.

In WordPress 1, I had used Spam Karma to block spam. It worked quite well. Spam Karma applies a huge number of configurable tests to each comment, calculating a total karmic value to the comment. If the karmic value is positive, the message is passed through and posted. If negative, it is blocked. Any comment with a Karma between 0 and -20 is sent to me in a daily email digest for verification. Anything below -20 is tossed (I have seen comments with karmic values less than -500. Ouch.)

Fortunately, the two work together just great. Since installing SK, I have yet to see a bit of spam make it through the filters. More importantly, I have yet to see a legitimate comment dumped into the bit bucket.

Total time saver. I dropped $20 in the Spam Karma donation box — worth every penny. Akismet is free for personal use until your weblog(s) generated $500/month. I’m nowhere near that limit, but I bought a $55 annual subscription to support the worthy cause of stomping spamming rat bastards.

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  1. Plugins » The Fascination Place says:

    […] Spam Karma, recommended by b.bum as having a nice synergy with Akismet.   « Themes |   […]

  2. Bob says:

    […] So these methods require constant updates (tricker CAPTCHA, better Spam Karma 2 rules) to work.
    Akismet works for three reasons: spam reporting is communal, so when one site reports spam, all other sites benefit. Another reason that it works is that its sauce is secret. Spammers don’t know why a particular comment was blocked, so they can’t easily learn how to work around that block. The last reason is that Akismet is a remote service, and thus is being constantly updated for all users.
    by gsub_spamCarma_1186990996[…]

  3. Pinokio says:

    August 29, 2007
    In an attempt to stop the mountains of spam comments I get, I’ve installed Spam Karma 2.3.
    Well soon see if it makes a difference…
    (Thanks to John for the link)
    Posted in Blog

    3 Responses to “Spam Karma 2.3”

    John said:

    August 29th, 2007 at 11:49 am

    Good look with the pluging, so far I’ve not had any Spam but I know Stu has and he recommended Spam Karma to me.
    by gsub_spamCarma_1186990996[…]

  4. Bob says:

    css );


    August 28, 2007  9:10 pmA spammer with a conscience

    When I wanted to clear the comment spam Akismet blocked during this week, I spotted something very funny: a spammer with a conscience.

    I guess he’s having second thoughts about spamming the hell out of bloggers with his used car spam sites
    Push my Buttons!

    submit_url = “”;


    Probably thesame spammer was attacking my blog, but i don’t believe for one second that he/she has a conscience, i think they’re just trying to circumvent akismet in every way possible.. On my blog, they tried by simply entering one url and one tiny message, no longer than 15 characters.
    Sign: gsub_spamCarma_1186990996

  5. Jeff says:

    I haven’t used Spam Karma, but I can’t use Akismet anymore. It blocks out way to many comments that it shouldn’t. Do you notice alot of non spam comments blocked with Spam Karma?

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