Dell followup: Apparently, bbum is a journalist that doesn’t deserve a job

Of course, any time a post critical of some company gains any attention on the Internet, it attracts ridiculous responses that attempt to apologize or justify the state of whatever is being criticized.

And the silliness ensues….

Two of my favorites (so far).

“Bob” posts:

Any of you jokers notice that little “search” box up top. If you know the freakin’ product name, type it in for cryin’ out loud… Of course, when you don’t have a lot of content, it’s easier to organize it. There are only seven different Apple Products — MB, MBP, iM, iP, XServe & RAID. But then again, being not a fanboy to the extreme, I shoud be confuse: should I choose Store, How to buy, Where to buy, Why to buy, Hardware, Pro, or Watch our Commercials. Wow, how extremely terrible! (doofi!)

So, Bob, you are claiming that a search box at the top of the page and the customer having to remember a non-obvious product name ornumber across two page transitions is a good (or even passable) user experience? That it is somehow acceptable in comparison to, say, whipping out some 1993 technology and actually providing a direct hyperlink?

If anything, the vast variety of product configurations, names and models that Dell offers should make it even more critical and valuable to actually link from the product description materials to the particular purchase page for said product.

I love the fanboy jab in the middle of a paragraph trying to justify why it is OK to make it hard for the customer to go from “looking at product on marketing page” to “buying product from same company’s store”. That Dell’s product line is necessarily more complex than Apple’s is laughable. If one is paying attention to various PC related news channels, magazines and forums, one of the primary complaints about Dell’s product line is that it is too damned complex with too much overlap between models.

Kind of like Apple’s product line from the early to mid 90s. Way too many models. Way too much overlap. Customers couldn’t figure it out, gave up, and bought something else.

However, the best comment was from one “Joe Smith”:

I wonder how pathetic the life of this journalist or columnist is to nitpick everything Dell does. Must be one of those crazy Mac users who act like cultists and hate any company that sells more computers than Apple. My question is who cares about Dell’s web site? I got prices with one or two clicks. The same with Apple and HP. I wonder who would give this journalist a job who can’t find anything more interesting that a web site layout.

Oh, where to start. There is just so much cluelessness here that it ought to go straight into the Wikipedia Fanboy page or, possibly, the internet troll page as example posts.

In any case, let’s just take the fatal line out and poke fun at it: My question is who cares about Dell’s web site?

Well… given Dell’s business model of direct sales– Internet and Telephony based– and that they built a fortune 500 company around said business model, the entire company better had give a damn about their web site!

So, that one sentence pretty much completely dropped the entire post into the bit-bucket of annoying irrelevance. If I were the censoring type, I would have deleted it out of hand. But I’m not. Too much effort. Far easier just to laugh.

Of course, that I was accused of being a journalist (and a bad one, at that) was pretty damned funny, too.

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2 Responses to “Dell followup: Apparently, bbum is a journalist that doesn’t deserve a job”

  1. clint says:

    why, if i search “xps m”, do i not get a single PC or xps anything for that matter, on the front results page. perhaps i did mean to search for “3007WFP 30-inch Wide-Screen Flat Panel LCD Monitor”, however, this is unlikely.

    if dell would like me to easily remember your products then may i suggest something simpler than “X P S M two thousand ten” and such.

    i haven’t decided if the xps naming scheme is worse than the “windows live (random noun)” quagmire

  2. Guillermo says:

    On another subject, am I the only one that thinks it’s wrong that you have to wait for special deals or search for coupon codes to get the best price. You can’t just buy it directly from online the store. If you do you’re likely to feel ripped off.

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