Photography: Unexpected Captures

Yesterday, we spent some time at Bonfante Gardens near Gilroy, CA. Awesome amusement park that is perfect for kids age about 3 years old to 10 or so.

Bonfante Gardens is really a cross between your typical ride / midway laden amusement park and a botanical gardens. Everything is built on a hillside in the mountains near Gilroy and there are lots of parks, waterfalls, plantings and other natural stuff to gawk at between rides.

Great place to grab family photos.

Watefall At Bonfante Gardens

There is a walk through waterfall in the middle of the park that features three different styles of falls; a tall fall, a tumbling over rocks medium sized falls and a series of short rock walls over which the water tumbles.

As the water falls over the short falls, it creates an ever changing pattern of watery veils that break and reform. I figured it would make for an interesting photo if I took a slightly longer exposure. Not having a tripod, I couldn’t go for too long of an exposure.

So, I set the camera to 1/20th of a second (which resulted in an aperture of f/11) and took a series of shots while braced against a railing or rock wall.

Wow! The end result was not the blurred-long-exposure-water-stream that I expected. Instead, it almost looks like sheets of moving water that are frozen and torn at the edges. It wasn’t a fluke, either, as I grabbed several similar captures of which these two (1, 2) were keepers.

I love it when I capture something completely different than what I’m either seeing in real time or what I expect to see on “film”.

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    […] On the drive to/from Bonfante Gardens, we passed through farming country (including a couple of road side stands, one at which I bought 4 pounds of garlic to in my dehydrator). Amongst the acres of vegetables, there was one huge field of marigolds and another of zinnias. […]

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