Catching Bubbles

We spent Sunday at the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose. Among many very cool interactive displays, they have a downstairs area with all kinds of bubble related stuff.

Everything from bubble solution tables with rings for making big bubbles, to bubble columns, to a “perpetual bubble machine” that drops bubbles down from about 20 feet.

Roger had a blast catching bubbles with other bubbles.


I, of course, had a blast taking pictures of bubbles! It was a bit challenge in that the area is a bit dimly lit, but — fortunately — flash based illumination worked well enough.

I’m definitely going to have to clean up the garage and set up a black, well lit, studio area to play with bubbles!

Blue Bubbles

There was also a really neat column of blue-colored water with an air injector at the bottom. Push the button a bunch of times and a slew of bubbles would appear in the column.

I really need to take a tripod with me to get a good shot.

It is still pretty cool, though. It looks kind of like a bunch of cells all packed together.

Lots of fun!

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