Star Trek: Space Hippies!

Caught Star Trek: The Way To Eden this evening.

About once every 10 to 15 years, I go through a Star Trek phase. The first time was with my father when I was but a young lad. The second time was with Christine, right at the beginning of our relationship and now is the third time around.

Whatever. I only mention this because of how different I remember the show.

The Way To Eden is a perfect example (and, coincidentally, some consider to be the episode that was the “jump the shark” moment).

I don’t remember the original Star Trek being quite so full of musical interludes. Yet, ever few episodes has a bit of music tossed in. But nothing compares (so far — still about half way through this bout of Star Trek reconsumption) with this particular episode.

Holy crap. This show is just chock full o’ hippie campy goodness. Not the hippie campy goodness that I normally dig, but the sanitized hollywood form of hippie campy goodness.

Hilarious. Love it. Ties in really well with the New & Improved Dr. Who, which has yet to jump the shark.

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  1. Michael Rawdon says:

    “The Way To Eden” is one of several extremely wacky episodes from the third season. I just picked up the third season on DVD at Costco (now I have all three), and thumbing through it I realized just how weak it is. There are maybe five really good episodes in the whole season, and a lot of true drek.

    As you can see from the original air dates the series really jumped the shark with “Spock’s Brain” (it was the season opener – whose idea was that??). “The Way to Eden” aired well after that.

    I still maintain that even most of the bad episodes of the original series at least have some (usually unintentional) humor going for them. “Brain and brain, what is brain?” “You are not morg, you are not imorg.” Whereas most of NextGen and its successors tend to be pretty limp to start with, and are downright humorless when they flop (which was often). By that stick, the worst episode of Classic Trek is “And The Children Shall Lead”, which feaures kids (big black mark right there, as kids in an adventure-drama series is usually a bad idea handled poorly), has a lawyer-actor in the role of the villain, is basically stupid, and has no sense of humor at all. Gah.

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