Aperture & drag and drop

One of the spiffy new features of Aperture 1.5 is the ability to drag-n-drop images out of the Aperture window and into anything that can accept a JPEG.

When I first did the import, it was one of the first things I tried and it didn’t work. I was bummed. But then I realized that it was tied to the preview image generation.

If a photo hasn’t had the preview image generated yet, it can’t be drag and dropped. As soon as the preview generation process is done, everything works as expected — drag and drop works beautifully.

BTW: If you haven’t done so, check out the profiles provided on the Aperture site. The Vince Laforet profile is quite interesting; he describes how he took the shot of the guy messing with the light bulb on top of the gargoyle head about a zillion feet up the side of the Chrysler building in NYC. Pretty neat setup.

Now, I just need to find me a dentist’s office that is going out of business…

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