Congratulations to Lily & Julio (and a HUGE Thank You!)

Christine and I took a rather amazing trip over last weekend. We were honored to be invited to Lily & Julio’s wedding in Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico.

Lily & Julio Arrive!

First: Congratulations to the bride & groom!

I have known Julio for nearly a decade now. One Awesome Dude who deserves to be really happy. And happy he is as he is now married to The Very Awesome Lady Lily.

Congratulations, Julio — we are ecstatic that you have found such intense happiness with someone who is so happy with you!

The wedding was one amazing event. It was a 12 hour celebration of a magnitude that will be hard to describe.

One heck of a great way to kick off what is bound to be a long and happy marriage. Congratulation again!

The wedding was legendary. 800 guests. 15 days before the wedding, there was a change of venue from an already built facility to an empty field. And the execution was flawless…

More on that later.

Castillo De Cristal Hotel

I’ll be writing up the trip over a few posts. Like the wedding, the trip was something special… a unique bit of traveling experience.

To give an idea of how unique, at right is the picture of the hotel that Christine & I spent the weekend.

The owner always wanted to live in a castle, so he decided to build one for himself right in the middle of a block of downtown Arandas. Over time, his daughter turned it into a Hotel and a completely unique hotel it is. Every bit as unique on the inside as out.

But more on that in later posts…

Bbum Visits Centinela Distillery

And, of course, we were in the heart of Tequila country. Not surprising given that the Wall Street Journal labeled Julio (& Tommy’s in SF) as “epicenter of tequila” and Lily is the grandaughter of the founder of the company that makes El Tesoro tequilas (US market name), an absolutely delicious tequila.

While we didn’t visit the La Alteña Distillery, we did tour the Tequila Centinela distillery found on the outskirts of Arandas. Not only did we receive an interesting and educational tour of the facilities, the Centinela folks threw us one hell of a great party.

Details to follow….

So, yeah, it was one hell of a trip. Once in a lifetime kind of trip. Several posts and lots of photos to follow. We spent 3 days with lots of the incredibly fine folk from Tommy’s Blue Agave Club, including many demigods (of which, I hope to join their ranks in January). This is a very special group of people; it was like hanging with old friends — like the whole group had done trips together many times before even though we were new.

3 Responses to “Congratulations to Lily & Julio (and a HUGE Thank You!)”

  1. Amie says:

    That definitely sounds like a once in a lifetime experience. Who knew such good things could come from drinking tequilla? All I ever got out of it was a headache the next morning, lol.

    Congrats to the happy couple!

  2. Alderete says:

    Bill, if I remember the requirements, to become a demigod of tequila you need to visit two distilleries. So you’ve got one for sure in Centinela; did you visit another one while in Arandas? You could be a demigod already and not even know it!

  3. bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » Los Abuelos Tequila says:

    […] Among many other amazing experiences during Julio and Lily’s wedding, I met Sr. Guillermo Erickson Sauza. Yes, Sauza. As in fifth generation Sauza. […]

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