Arandas: Centinela Party

The Gang

Following the amazing tour, Centinela had a couple of tents set up in the parking lot. Each tent contained the entire Centinela product line (including both the high-end 3 year anejo and the Cabritos label) open for tasting. More like open for uninhibited pouring.

And pour we did. The fine crew at Centinela were also making mixed drinks of all kinds, including an excellent Sangria with Tequila in it. Ironically, the margaritas were really bad. Very bad. But Tequila in Fresca is surprisingly refreshing.

After an hour or more of “tasting” all of their products, Centinela offered a bunch of their product for sale. They even broke out a box of their seven year anejo for both sale and for tasting. Amazing stuff.

Mariachi Band Plays at Centinela Distillery

As the working day drew to a close, the staff all joined us and it turned into quite the party. A mariachi band seemingly came out of nowhere and entertained us for a while.

Mariachi is quite distinct in the musical structure and sound. Apparently, Jalisco is the source of all things traditionally thought of as Mexican, including the Mariachi band.

Delicious Tacos

Then they brought out the food. It was simple fare. Completely delicious. Centinela served a big tray of roasted peppers, a gigantic pile of succulent carnitas, and a mystery meat stew. And a big pile of fresh corn tortillas.

Carnitas? Perfectly roasted pork bits on the center-top taco in that picture. The odd chunk of meat on the left is pig’s heart. Yummy stuff of which I ate much much more pig’s heart as bar snacks later in the weekend.

The red goop on the other two tortillas was a delicious tomato based stew with chile peppers and random chunks of meat, mostly tripe.

Damned Happy To Be Here, Thanks!

Some of us poured more than others (Yes, that is a tortilla on my head). And thus was born The Legend of the Gigantic Bottle.

The Master.

Like many types of liquor, Tequila bottlers will often product magnum sized products. On hand were several three liter bottles of Centinela product along with the owner of Centinela (very nice gentleman!).

Norm is Happy

In the midst of the festivities, Norm — pictured at left — was given the Gigantic Centinela Bottle. Norm was exceedingly happy with this turn of events.

So happy, in fact, that he talked much of the distillery staff into signing the bottle (and his shirt). They also let him wear a hard hat, though that may have been for his own safety.

Norm & The Giant Tequila Bottle

Now, the Gigantic Tequila Bottle made quite the rounds during the party. Many poses were made, many jokes were made, much Signing of the Bottle ensued.

The Licking Of The Big Bottle

Beyond The Signing, there was also The Licking…. but enough of that.

The Gigantic Bottle of Tequila made it through the weekend, though Norm didn’t take it home. Instead, after everyone signed it, Norm gave it to Julio as a wedding gift. I suspect it’ll eventually find its way behind the Tommy’s bar.

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